Travel with Bex About

Hello! I’m Rebecca, a 20-something year old who can drink espresso at all hours of the day, loves to get lost in history museums and can never say no to a nice glass of wine (or a new craft beer to be honest).

I’m a Miami-native who from a young age has been obsessed with different cultures and how people lived around the world. In seventh grade we were assigned to make a website using Yahoo! Geocities. Somehow, I decided to make it about countries. Talk about nerd from day one, I know. Even though I had never been to any of these countries on my site, I was fascinated learning everything I could. Sadly I’ve tried to find it again and I think it has been erased. Maybe that’s for the best though…

Flash forward to today and I’m now a University of Florida graduate having completed my Doctor of Pharmacy degree (go gators!) and happily married to my boo Javi. I am fortunate enough to be able to go traveling quite often with a couple months in between to build back up my PTO hours. Sometimes my suitcase still hasn’t been unpacked from my last trip before I’m off on another. I am definitely a major procrastinator.

Travel Couple

I’ve always loved to write but I haven’t been able to use it much with my pharmacy background. I got this idea for making a travel blog from all my supportive family and friends who love to hear about my adventures. Thus, Travel with Bex is born!

I welcome new and old friends alike to join me on my travels and/or learn more about the world around you. If you love to eat and drink while learning, this is the blog for you. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest. My handle is travelwithbex. Hope you like!